The Queens Head

1897916_634655326628778_783057214107292699_nWell what a great gig this turned out to be, we all felt quite rightly that we needed a good gig here due to our lackluster performance at the end of last year. Hard on ourselves? No, because we want to always be the best we can be, after all we’re paid to entertain! This time everything came together nicely, the set list was just right, the sound was good and we all played really well. We adjusted the sets once more to include a few that we had missed out last time, it was also the second outing for a couple of new songs.

Most importantly to us, everyone in the large crowd seemed to enjoy themselves, whether they were regular fans or first timers.

Hilarious moment of the evening – Jon our keyboard player was complimented on his guitar skills by an ex member of Duran Duran (Ha!), who then asked for guitar lessons. Bear in mind this guy had just spent the last hour watching Jon play the keys…well it takes all sorts!

As always thanks to everyone that came and to the management at The Queens for being so welcoming.

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The Esplanade

esplanade 1We had quite a gap from our last gig and so decided to fill the time in as productive a manner as we could by adding some new songs to our set list. We’re all big Deep Purple fans and already do Black Knight, but which other song of theirs could we do?  After much thought we decided on Highway Star, not quite realising the task we had given ourselves. Given that this is a song from the very early ’70’s all of us found it probably the most full on and intense song we’ve ever done, there’s not one moment of rest for any of us in that song. Obviously Deep Purple were (are) a very highly respected band but it’s only when you get into the songs and try to learn them that you realise what utter geniuses they actually were. Just as an afterthought from myself – where is this kind of skill to be found in modern bands?

The other new song was another classic – Jump by Van Halen, obviously a crowd favourite and it also went down very well. The third song we added to our set last night was one of our own and not so much a new one but rather a very old one – the last time we played it at a gig would have been 1995 and it was only revived because someone remembered the riff at a recent practice and suddenly it all came flooding back to us.

We should also note that it was our lead guitarists birthday and we made sure that he was suitably embarrassed at at least one point through the evening.

As always we’d like to thank the staff and owners at The Esplanade for making our gigs there such a pleasant experience, and a massive thank you to everyone that came to listen.

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First gig of 2014

Dan at The EsplanadeWe might have thought that the terrible weather combined with the fact that the festive season had only just finished would keep people away from pubs and clubs and in all honesty we assumed we’d be playing to an empty room. This wasn’t the case though and once again The Esplanade Club provided us with a full house of very enthusiastic music lovers.

Despite several technical problems throughout the gig we feel it was a good one in the end. The first problem was Dan’s guitar lead going down meaning we had to choose a few songs that didn’t need rhythm guitar until the problem was sorted out. It did at least leave Dan free to leap around the stage and behave in a way we haven’t seen since the early 90’s. We all had to admit it lifted the bands energy level and we may look at Dan only playing on the songs that really need a second guitar in future. Then there was a problem with the monitor amp intermittently increasing in volume and then cutting out altogether, something else that needs looking at.

This was all a little distracting for us but once into the second set we decided to ignore the problems and raise our level a notch. It worked well and the huge crowd was dancing in the aisles and chanting for more. We finished the gig with Dancing In The Moonlight, our tribute to Phil Lynott, and then Hawkwinds Masters Of The Universe, one we haven’t played for a very long time!

So a good night was had by all and we soaked up the praise from the clubs owner who seems to really enjoy us playing there. We now look forward to returning on April 12th.

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Raising the roof at The Esplanade

esplanade 1This gig was dropped on us at very short notice, we were very happy to accept though, as The Esplanade is one of our favourite venues. We did wonder how big a crowd we’d get due to the terrible weather, it wasn’t really a night to be venturing out, and we did our soundcheck to about three people. We needn’t have worried though as the place steadily filled up and by the time we were ready to play we had quite a crowd.

Doing things a little differently we thought we’d open with Black Sabbaths ‘Never say Die’ followed by the very appropriate ‘Rain’ by Status Quo, this seemed to go down well and grabbed the crowds interest from the word go, infact  we seemed to hold their interest for the whole evening, seldom have we had a more lively and appreciative audience, they were even singing along at one point and we shouldn’t forget the barmaids doing some synchronized dancing behind the bar! Then we should also mention the ‘adult floor show’ that was put on for the last couple of songs…nothing more to be said about that really, lest we embarrass someone!

Thank you to all our fans and the crowd in general for turning out to support us on such a foul evening, and Thanks to Roy at The Esplanade Club for thinking of us when he needed a band at short notice.

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Esplanade / Queens Head Oct ’13

1380053_1416862021875355_1236959179_nIt was another great gig at The Esplanade, we gave an airing to several new songs, ‘Get It On’ (T-Rex), ‘Black Knight’ (Deep Purple) and ‘Down Down’ (Status Quo). We’ve certainly seen larger crowds there, but for the time of year, and considering the weather outside, there was a fantastic turn out. Roy was trying out a few new things, like a haze machine and a row of spots directly above the stage, they had quite a pleasing effect as can be seen in some of the photos.

So a good night was had by the band and the crowd, including a DJ from Kent who promised us airplay on his radio show in return for a free CD, time will tell as to whether he was telling us the truth or he was just too tight to pay for one…we’re sure it was the former! He had a good time anyway, jumping up and head banging to the heavier numbers, just what we like to see.

1383055_1420519594842931_258429270_nSo on to The Queens, poor Dan was suffering from a sore throat, a left over from the flu he battled through last week at The Esplanade, what a trooper…he never complained!  A mention for Jon as well who turned up to play a rock gig with a Migraine…well done mate!

It was another highly enjoyable gig for us, a large crowd turned out despite there being another band playing in town…they obviously recognise class when they hear it! It was also nice to see the reappearance of a couple of our treacherous fans who committed the ultimate act of insurrection when they went to see another band last weekend…ha, ha, you know who you are!!

A big thank you to the venues and the fans for their continued support, see you all at the next one.

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A great return to The Esplanade!

968813_10151710100853633_423519501_nWell yes, what can we say about this gig?  It was great from start to finish, great weather, great crowd and a great performance from the band. We even had an opportunity for an impromptu photo shoot once we had set up, so we arranged ourselves and our backdrop around the statue of the ancient mariner, much to the amusement of all the passers by.

This is a place we always enjoy playing because it’s a dedicated music venue and the crowd are there to watch the bands. So big was last nights audience that they were spilling out the doors and onto the marina, we had a great view of the crowd outside boogieing away as we played and the crowd inside were very appreciative and very vocal…in a nice way!

It must have been one of our longest gigs, we started at 9 and it was gone 11.30 by the time we finished, always nice to give them their money’s worth though. We feel our newest addition the set list, Daft Punk, is coming along nicely and everyone seems to like it judging by the amount of people that got up for a dance…and then stayed up for the rest of the night!

We should note that this is the last in a line of gigs going back several weeks, it’s not often we play with this kind of frequency but it’s been very enjoyable.

So thank you to The Esplanade for having us there again and for rebooking us so quickly

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